Building Big
August 2003

This article was a presentation I gave at Brickfest in Washington D.C. in August 2003. It presents several building methods that can be used to successfully create large models made from LEGOŽ parts. Trusses, large composite beams, gears in high torque applications, and the modular approch to building are discussed with text and photos.

Download Article 7.5 MB (PDF format; the slideshow used in my presentation)

c. 2001 (updated May 2009)

Building trusses with LEGOŽ parts is a conerstone for Building Big. Trusses are light, efficient structures that can be a challenge to build. This article also explains the basics of a truss and how it functions as a structural system.

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Also, I have developed a spreadsheet to help calculate and plan the geometry of an arched truss bridge:

Download spreadsheet 25 kb (zipped file)

Using LEGOŽ Gears
c. 2001 (updated May 2009)

This article is a guide to using LEGOŽ gears in high-torque applications and is based on my experiences with gear erosion and breakage.

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4x4: Driven and Steered Axles
c. 2001 (updated May 2009)

The challenge in building vehicles with driven and steered axles is creating strong hinge mechanisms

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Additional Building Ideas

Please see the building ideas category of my blog.

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