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Texbrick.com features my custom models and creations made from LEGO® elements. These creations (often called MOC - My Own Creations) are not sets produced by LEGO® nor are they built from instructions. These models are generated from my thoughts and ideas and built by my two hands. Please note some important things about this site and the models featured here:

• The models on this site are not for sale.

• There are no instructions for the models on this site.

• Everything you see on this site was made with LEGO® elements. If you don't know what LEGO is, please see their website.

Texbrick.com is not affiliated with, or part of, the LEGO® Group. This site is owned and run by TJ Avery, an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®).


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About TJ Avery

I work as a structural engineer in the offshore oil and gas industry. My wife, two sons, and I reside in Houston, Texas. I've been building with LEGO® elements since about 1980.

I enjoy the process of building. It is an interesting and satisfying process to start with only thoughts and ideas in my head and transform them to an actual working MOC (My Own Creation). The system of LEGO® elements is challenging, fun, and stimulating to use. Realizing an idea with defined plastic pieces is much like solving a complex puzzle, but one that makes possible boundless creativity.

Building with LEGO® elements has definitely helped me develop my capacity to understand and work with spatial and mechanical relationships. It has also brought forth my creativity and ability to generate new ideas. I have learned how to think deeply to find multiple solutions to mechanical problems. It's no doubt that I am an engineer today because of all those years of building in my childhood. Today, building with LEGO elements keeps my mind stimulated and my creativity flowing.

The big question, now that I have kids, is do they get to play with my stuff? Well, I cannot keep them from it :-) I've bought them their own, but they still play with mine.

I am also a photographer. I do not earn an income from my photography, but it is a huge part of my life and defines who I am. Please visit my photography website:

Site History

My very first website was created sometime back in 1996 while I was in college. HTML and the Internet was a new thing to me and I created a LEGO page just for fun and to share with my friends. This simple page existed for a year or two, and was deleted once I graduated. It looked something like this:

I started a new, more complex, website in June 2001. I think you can get a snapshot of it here. This was shortly after I discovered the online LEGO fan community and LUGNET.

Texbrick.com was first launched in August 2001 to handle the increased traffic my site was receiving. It was awarded LUGNET's Cool LEGO Site of the Week (No. 236).

Texbrick.com has been completely revised as of May 2009. The new site design features a simplified design and new content. I will continue to add content and update this site as time goes on.

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