Diesel Engines

UP Loco

This is a Union Pacific diesel locomotive that is roughly based on the real UP No. 3537. I say "roughly" because the real engine is an EMD SD-40-2, but the model also has characteristics of an EMD GP-40-something. Whether it's right or not doesn't bother me. It's made of LEGO elements, and too many compromises exist to call it a true, scale model :-)

This model was first built in early 2002. I've revised it throught the years by changing the windows, truck color and design, fuel tank design, and cab and nose design. I've also added new labels (better print quality and color matching this time).

I'm happy with it for now. I might do another major change later on to switch the system from classic LEGO 9-volt to the new Power Functions. We'll see...

Old Diesel / Switcher

I originally built a simple red locomotive in 2008 for my son to play with. It looked very much like an engine from one of the early LEGO train sets, except it had more detail. It was robust in design so that he could bash it around without knocking off too many pieces.

Recently (May 2009), I revised this model to look more like an old-style diesel locomotive, but it's not modeled after any one specific engine. I found some inspiration in the many train photo-books that we have, and picked out a "look" from old diesel locomotives built in the 40's and 50's.

This new, revised version is pretty robust as well, although the flex-tube railing tends to come off easily. I like the look except for the roof of the cab. I'd like to use some 3-stud long curved bricks to give the roof a proper old-style curved look. Maybe a Bricklink order is in my future... :-)

Thomas J. Avery 2009