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Truss Section Details
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Truss Section
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Joining of 2 Sect.
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DAT file of truss section.

Length = 48 studs (approx. 15 inches, or 38 cm)
Parts = 116 (see table below)
Sections Used In Model = 22

The design of these sections is very straightforward. They are designed to fit end-to-end with other sections, easily forming a long structure that can be used for the crane boom, jib, etc.

The side trusses use a 3-4-5 right triangle geometry. The diagonals are 1x12 Technic beams.

The top and bottom diagonals (members made from plates and liftarms) do not follow a perfect geometry. If you construct this section, you'll notice the top and bottom diagonals do not fit perfectly. You have to force the parts into place, which makes a nice, tight boom section.

These diagonals fall within 5% of having perfect geometry, but can still be built and will function properly. The beauty of these members is that given their composite structure (two liftarms on a 1xn plate), they are somewhat flexible and can accomodate the "unperfect" geometry.

Information on the programs used to generate the CAD images can be found at

(per section)
Size Quantity Color
1 x 16 12 red
1 x 12 14 red
1 x 10 4 red
1 x 6 4 red
Plate 2 x 10 4 red
1 x 10 8 red
1 x 8 8 red
1 x 6 12 red
1 x 4 2 red
2 x 2 2 red
2L 4 black
3L 22 black
Liftarm 1 x 5 20 gray
TOTAL 116 -
NOTE: 1x12 beams can be substituted with
1x11 studless beams (liftarms).
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