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The Desk

Monday, January 24th, 2011

And finally, the long awaited photo of the new build area and desk:

Click to see larger pic

I tore down the old system of shelves back in November, which were not very sound and also not efficient with regards to storage space. I put up three new shelves directly mounted to the wall. The back of the desk’s surface serves as a fourth, bottom “shelf”.

The spacing of all the shelves was optimzed to fit my storage bins. I use the small-open-bin-type storage systems for the main storage. Storage of overflow parts (i.e. the parts that won’t fit into the small bins) go into the compartmentalized boxes (with lids) on top.

Protection of this highly-sorted bunch of parts comes in the form of hinged doors. When I’m done building for the day, I clear off the desk and shut these white doors. I still need to attach proper latches.

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“Protection” means I basically have to keep my kids from accessing these bins while I’m at work or otherwise out of the house. My 2-year old likes to get on my desk, pull bins, and dump them all over.

I also shortened the depth of my desk. It was 36″ deep, which made reaching the bins from a sitting position kind of hard (my arms aren’t THAT long). Now it’s 28″ deep and just right.

I kept the length of the desk (or width, as you look at it) the same: 8 feet.

In the past several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time building, and I have to say all the modifications were worth it. I’m happy with the new set-up, and I think it works well for me.

Desk Update

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

I have a lot of housekeeping to work on as well as a bunch of new ideas bouncing around in my head. I think I’m headed towards a spell of creative building, but I have to get my workspace in order.

the new plan

My current desk and system of shelves is inefficient and hard to use. I’m going to chop up my desk and remake it as well as install proper shelves mounted to the wall behind the desk.

This new “system” will make more efficient use of my workspace. I’m planning on tackling this job starting in a few days. Hopefully I can get going and start building again!

The New Train Table

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

A few weeks ago, Henry and I worked on a new table so that he could play trains without being obstructed by me when I build at my desk. I had a large oval of LEGO track around my building desk, and every time Henry wanted to run the trains, they got in the way of our building area. It also didn’t help that he wanted to park the trains right out front and mess with them. This made building anything difficult.

So, I decided to build him his very own and separate train/building table (and remove the track from mine).

click for larger view

He and I worked on the design first. Actually, I came up with several different layouts, showed them to him, and then let him pick what he wanted. I also told him that I was going to paint it a LEGO color, and he immediately said, “GREEN!”. Green is his favorite color.

So, I took a few of his Duplo bricks to Lowes and had them match LEGO green and also dark bley (bluish gray). The gray was for the legs of the table and also another project I’m working on (more about that later). Lowes had no problem matching the gray, but they couldn’t get the green right. I found a paint chip in their selection that was pretty close and went with that. Both colors turned out to be very close and just slightly lighter than the real LEGO colors.

click for larger view

He loves the table. He now has his own area to run trains and also build. He’s dumped out a bunch of bricks into the space inside the loops of track and is messing around with building his own train cars. He’s more enthusiastic than ever about LEGO trains and building with the pieces. As soon as I get home from work and step through the front door, it’s “LEGO-time!” and he drags me upstairs to play :-)