Written by TJ on January 24th, 2011

Well, tree as in one tree, really :-) There will be more to come.

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I took the time to put together a tree with loads of flex tube. There is a single, long piece down the shaft (trunk) of the tree (the “trunk” is made of 2×2 round, brown bricks). There are four leaf pieces captured between every 2×2 brick, but then each leaf piece has a second piece connected to form a branch. There is a very short piece of flex tube at every one of these junctions between leaf pieces.

The problem with trees like this has always been that the branch leaf pieces do not stay connected. Any handling or vibration tends to knock them loose. When you pull something like this out of storage, there’s usually several dozen leaf pieces in the bottom of the bin.

The flex tube seems to fix this issue. I’ve let my kids handle the tree, and not a single leaf piece has fallen off.

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  1. Jan
    Tobbe Arnesson

    Nice testing procedure! :D

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