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Written by TJ on January 24th, 2011

And finally, the long awaited photo of the new build area and desk:

Click to see larger pic

I tore down the old system of shelves back in November, which were not very sound and also not efficient with regards to storage space. I put up three new shelves directly mounted to the wall. The back of the desk’s surface serves as a fourth, bottom “shelf”.

The spacing of all the shelves was optimzed to fit my storage bins. I use the small-open-bin-type storage systems for the main storage. Storage of overflow parts (i.e. the parts that won’t fit into the small bins) go into the compartmentalized boxes (with lids) on top.

Protection of this highly-sorted bunch of parts comes in the form of hinged doors. When I’m done building for the day, I clear off the desk and shut these white doors. I still need to attach proper latches.

Click to see larger pic

“Protection” means I basically have to keep my kids from accessing these bins while I’m at work or otherwise out of the house. My 2-year old likes to get on my desk, pull bins, and dump them all over.

I also shortened the depth of my desk. It was 36″ deep, which made reaching the bins from a sitting position kind of hard (my arms aren’t THAT long). Now it’s 28″ deep and just right.

I kept the length of the desk (or width, as you look at it) the same: 8 feet.

In the past several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time building, and I have to say all the modifications were worth it. I’m happy with the new set-up, and I think it works well for me.

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  1. Jan
    Tobbe Arnesson

    Sweet! Keeping the doors closed keeps the UV away too.

    I would love to have Kamaji’s arms and storage. His little helpers to carry and sort the bricks would be sweet too! :D

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see this clip to the end. It’s from the fantastic movie Spirited Away.

  2. Feb
    Fred Haab

    Nicely done… all I can think is “some day… some day.” I simply don’t have the space now.

    What do you do with works in progress?

  3. Feb

    Thanks, Fred. WIP’s get stored where I can cram them away :-) There’s a little bit of space in the shoe box sized bins at the very top. I also have some space directly in front of the bins on desk-level (i.e. there’s a safe pocket created between the front of the bins and the doors when they’re closed. And there are a few high-up shelves in my house where I put stuff. I wish I could have it all in one spot, but it’s just not possible.

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