Crane Project, Phase 1 Overview

Written by TJ on May 22nd, 2009

About a year ago, I got the itch to build another large crane. I started a model and finished it in about two months. The final MOC (my own creation) isn’t really a finalized piece, but rather a project to test various ideas.

What really inspired me to build this were several ideas I had for a large crane, and this project turned out to be more of a testing phase than a real, finished MOC.

click for larger view

Specifically, I had some ideas about a new turntable design and also further development of using large plates to make beams for the framework (including joining them at an angle other than 90 degrees). I also spent the time to develop a compact winch package that could be reused on future projects.

click for larger view

I call this “Phase 1″ because I’m going to contunue to work on it. I created a 4-legged pedestal base for this crane to test out my ideas of joining built-up beams (made from large plates) at different angles. In “Phase 2″, I’m going to explore other ideas I have for a base – a moveable base :-)

In the next phase, I’m also going to redesign the turntable. The original design worked okay, but had its flaws. The most serious flaw is that it lacked the strength I wanted. The crane would just barely support 20 pounds on the main hook, and I I’d like to see 50 pounds supported or more.

I have other projects in the way right now, so it will be a while before I continue on with this crane. But first I need to take close-up photos of the components of “Phase 1″ so that I can present the ideas here.

More to come soon… :-)

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  1. May

    Very impressive, as usual. I like the excavator in the picture for size comparisons!

    Is there someplace you get these technic pieces in bulk, or do you really pay bricklink prices for all those pieces?

  2. May

    Thanks, Fred!

    My collection of Technic parts has taken years to build up. I’d say the bulk of it has come from Bricklink. Although I did place a large order with Pitsco Dacta 6 or 7 years ago for multiple copies of the large red beams pack.

    Technic beams used to be a lot cheaper back then, even on Bricklink :-)


  3. May

    Ahh… It’s not Dacta anymore, it’s LEGO Education… and it’s still expensive, IMO.. I’ve placed some big orders there, but in order to get a decent number of technics bricks or lift arms, it adds up quickly. Great site, though.

    Since I’m commenting here, I love your addition of the trains to the blog… trains are what got me into LEGO as an AFOL.

  4. Jun

    Thanks, Fred. I appreciate your comments here.

    Yeh, after looking around some, prices have definitely gone up since the last time I bought serious amounts of parts for my projects.

    I’m definitely into trains now because of my 4-year old son. He loves them :-)


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