Demag CC5800

Written by TJ on January 23rd, 2014

The big crane project that I’ve had going for years now is a 1:17 scale model of a Demag CC5800. I’ve slowly worked on this beast over a period of 2 years or more, but I’ve yet to finish it. A lot of the work has been to procure the massive amount of parts needed.

To date I’ve finished the turntable, one crawler, and the base frame of the superstructure.

I hate new year’s resolutions, but I am going to push myself to get this project done this year. Specifically, I’m going to try to get it finished (or at least in “rough draft” form) by late June so that I can display it in San Antonio at Brick Fiesta in early July.

The crawler design was one of the challenges, but I think I’ve got a working design now. It’s a bit unusual in that the treads are smooth outside and inside. The driving mechanism is powered rollers inside the crawler frame. The big rollers at each end of the crawler are not powered. So far it seems to work okay provided that it operates on a flat surface. This will be a limitation, but one that I’m okay with since the same limitation exists with real-life cranes of this type (super heavy lift capacity).

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