CC5800 – Best Technic at Brick Fiesta 2014!

Written by TJ on July 11th, 2014

Brick Fiesta 2014 is over. Thank goodness. It was fun and enjoyable, and just like my 5-year old son, I’m sad that it’s over now.

But I’m relieved too. The amount of building done prior to the event was substantial. I spent as much time I could on the crane and even reduced the amount of time I slept in order to create more time for building. I haven’t spent that much time at my LEGO desk in many years.

Packing Up the Crane

I’m still tired now, even 5 days after the event closed. I’m getting too old for this :-)

All Packed and Ready to Leave

I set up the crane on the first morning of the event. It took me about four hours. The set up followed the steps similar to how you’d set up a real crane.

Keeping with tradition, that was the first time the model was completely set up and tested. Ie I built and worked on it to the very last moment, packed it up, and hauled it to the show.

Setting Up at Brick Fiesta

All Set Up – Me and the Crane

As it turned out, the model worked very well. I was impressed and fortunate.

The only issue I had was that the amount of ballast I’d brought wasn’t enough. I was not able to lower the boom very far (perhaps only to about 60° from horizontal). I had to hold the boom in my hands as I transitioned between laying it on the floor to 60-70° up.

I also had trouble with the lifting block. The string and pulleys had so much friction that the block wouldn’t lower and raise properly. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Considering I built the block in about 30 minutes, I think I need to investigate it and redesign it :-)

Brick Fiesta 2014 Best Technic Award Trophy

The crane won for best Technic creation at Brick Fiesta! This marks the second time that I’ve won that award. The first time was in 2012, and it was for a smaller tower-style crane.


Although the crane is a functioning model, it is not finished. There are many cosmetic items that need to be added, for example.

Some of the functional things that need adding or improvement include:
- redesign of the main lifting hook
- addition of more ballast
- organize the electronics and wiring

Crawler Base Wiring Schematic

The electronic stuff inside the crawler base definitely could use some tidying up. To save time, I just stuffed it all into a brick-built box and disguised it as a counterweight on the crawler base.

But I need to redo all of this so that it’s not a rat’s nest. I need to be able to access everything to inspect it and do maintenance with ease.

What a Mess!

In the future, I’d like to add a superlift and ballast carrier to increase the lifting capacity. This will be the second stage of the model. But I may wait a while before I do that.

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