The CC5800 Lives

Written by TJ on November 23rd, 2016

A few weekends ago I showed the CC5800 model at the Houston Mini Maker Faire. It was a two day event and loads of fun. I always enjoy hanging out with my fellow AFOLs (our club, TexLUG, and sister train club, TBRR, put on a large display). Plus, there were tons of other geeks and nerds attending the show… my people! :-)

I’ve created an album on Flickr with a collection of all the photos of the CC5800 model to date: CC5800 Album on Flickr

click pic to enter album

I still need to create a proper page for it on my website. That’s definitely on my RATHER LARGE list of things to do….

But first, I still have to finish it! :-) After two years of having the CC5800 together and working, I’m still not done with it.

I have a punch-list of small things to fix and finish, but the major thing right now is the crawler drive mechanisms. They’re shot. The set of gears between the motors and the powered rollers use a set of bevel gears. These gears keep stripping. LEGO bevel gears just don’t handle power well, even from Medium sized PF motors.

I need to re-design these drives, which might require that I redesign and rebuild the crawler framework.

The big project I’ve had going this year is a complete re-configuration of my LEGO build area. New floors, new desk, new shelves, etc.

I’ll have to work up a separate post just for that. It’s taken months to get it into shape, and it’s still not quite finished.

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