It Begins…

Written by TJ on May 12th, 2009

Welcome to the new blog! Another blog about LEGO? :-) Well, it’s not just another blog, it’s MY blog.

Seriously, this will be an easy and organized way of announcing and sharing updates. It will also be an outlet to share building ideas in a neat and categorized manner. (After all, nothing appeals more to a slightly obsessive-compulsive LEGO-file than a system of categories and compartmentalization! :-) )

I’ve not uploaded much of anything to my site in a long while. Again, I’ll offer up the excuse that my photography and my family life (got two kiddos now!) eat into my LEGO-time :-)

I’m still building when I can. My older son enjoys this “LEGO-time” with me and either builds something of his own or jumps in front of me and demands to use (steal) whatever I’m working with. But we always have a good time.

my LEGO desk

Sit tight and stay tuned. A lot of new stuff is on the way! :-)

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