10-foot Bridge Success

Written by TJ on July 15th, 2009

The bridge made it through our train show (see photo gallery)! It held up great. I was quite surprised to find that no member or cross bracking loosened noticeably. Usually, on trusses like this, a piece of cross bracing will come loose at some point due to vibrations from the trains.

packed up and ready for the show (click for larger)

I packed up the model by breaking it into four sections, and then piggybacked two section pairs together.

at the show (click for larger)

TexLUG’s layout consisted of three 8-foot long tables on either end of the bridge. One of our members (Matt S.) brought two 2.5-foot small truss bridges, and we used those on one side of the layout.

inside view (click for larger)

Super Chief crossing (click for larger)

The bridge did endure some heavy loads. At one point, we had two very long trains on the main loop, and they managed to end up on the bridge at the same time. Both trains were longer than the bridge :-)

Tony’s Allegheny (click for larger)

Their were a few accidental human contacts, but it survived. The worse was when my 4-year old son was underneath and suddenly popped up. He buckled a section of deck with his head. I managed to press it all back together quickly before the train came back around :-)

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  1. Dec

    Hey, TJ, I know I haven’t visited in a while, but I’m disappointed to see any recent posts. I hope everything is OK.

    I’m so envious of the 10 foot bridge; not only do I wish I had that much LEGO to play with, I wish I had the time and know-how you have on how to build them.

    I’m wondering why comments on the post with the trees is disabled; our local pick-a-brick wall had the branches in it and I got a ton of them to build some Christmas trees with.

    I have my own blog about LEGO now; I’ve mostly just been whining about TLG’s move away from 9V and seemingly abandoning trains almost altogether, but I will get more positive than that in the future… I still love LEGO and will not give up.

  2. Dec

    Thanks, Fred. I’ve updated the blog and enabled comments in the other post. (the default is NO comments… I just forgot to turn it off)

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