August Update

Written by TJ on August 28th, 2009

Ugh… sorry that it’s been over a month since my last post here. I have not touched my bricks lately because of a hectic, super-busy schedule (work, life, etc.). That’s just how it goes…

Plus I’ve got a load of stuff to break down and sort. I’m not looking forward to that so much :-)

But hey, I built some trees for the train show last month. That’s something new here on the blog.

The big tree makes use of a bunch of different brown Technic connectors. These brown parts came mostly from all the old Starwars Technic sets I got years ago, and until now, I haven’t found a good use for them.

I also have a small back-log of ideas that I need to photograph and post here. Yep, I have plenty of house-keeping work to do!

On the side of serious building… I’m stuck in a rut. I cannot decide what to do. I’ve been wanting to build a new, very large crawler crane. I’ve built crawler cranes in the past, but I want to build the ultimate crawler crane MOC now that I have a lot of lessons learned and experience. The trouble is that everyone and their dog has built crawler cranes.

Sometimes I can’t get motiviated to build a MOC if there are too many similar ones out there by other builders! :-)

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  1. Jan

    hello and greetings from belgium (europe)
    I can only hope that you build a new crawler crane. The previus models where an example for me and a motevation. Its true that everyone is building them, but not like you. I’m building my third one , and i’m still looking for ideas at your page with old models.
    If you like some pictures of my crane , please let me now.
    Sorry for mistakes in my english.

    greetings yves

  2. Feb

    Hi Yves!

    Thanks for your comments. I suppose that each new crawler crane that I build will be better than the last, at least I hope :-) Maybe one day I’ll get a really good MOC working and be satisfied, and that will be the last crawler crane that I build :-)


  3. Jan
    Micah Kaufmann

    Maybe you could tackle the Shuttle Launching Platform. It’s got big ‘ol tracks on it.

  4. Jan

    Now that would be cool :-) Those were built by Marion, the same company that built huge crawler-based mining shovels (some of the largest land-based moving machines ever constructed).

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