Desk Update

Written by TJ on November 18th, 2010

I have a lot of housekeeping to work on as well as a bunch of new ideas bouncing around in my head. I think I’m headed towards a spell of creative building, but I have to get my workspace in order.

the new plan

My current desk and system of shelves is inefficient and hard to use. I’m going to chop up my desk and remake it as well as install proper shelves mounted to the wall behind the desk.

This new “system” will make more efficient use of my workspace. I’m planning on tackling this job starting in a few days. Hopefully I can get going and start building again!

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  1. Nov
    Tobbe Arnesson


    I have a lot of sorting to finish, then I’m gonna start on LEGO-room layout. I have some plans bobbing around, like wall mounted shelves with a curtain that can block the sun out from the bricks when not building.

  2. Jan

    Hope you had good luck on your LEGO-room :-) It’s always very nice to have a planned-out and efficient space to build!

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