OPC: Other People’s Creations

Written by TJ on January 12th, 2011

I get to announce a new MOC* about once every ice age (give or take). Since having kids and also taking a serious interest in photography, the time available to me for building is something like a quarter, or less, of what it used to be. (Not that I’m complaining. I wouldn’t trade my kids (or my cameras) for anything :-) )

* MOC: my own creation, a model NOT built from instructions produced by LEGO or any other source, i.e. something of my own design that is unique.

I thought I would start a series of posts titled OPC (Other People’s Creations). The purpose of this is to simply call attention to some MOC that I’ve seen that has attracted my attention and that I believe is worth sharing.

I’ll probably keep it in a Technic/ModelTeam theme, but I also like a whole variety of other stuff, like trains, so I won’t confine myself to any one or two themes.

The real purpose of this is to keep me active in the online LEGO fan community. Sometimes I go for months without setting virtual “foot” into an AFOL related website, and I miss out on good stuff and inspiring MOCs.

Keep an eye out for an OPC post soon! :-)

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