OPC 1: Manitowoc 4600 Dragline

Written by TJ on January 12th, 2011

Manitowoc 4600 Dragline by Emilus.

Note: this is the first in, hopefully, a long series of blog posts that will feature the creations of other people. My previous blog post explains this, but I simply want to feature MOCs that have attracted my attention and that I feel are worth sharing (and remembering).

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(image © Emilus)

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a MOC like this that could be classified entirely into the Technic theme. It has great detail but also really great functionality.

NOTE: If you step back into Emilus’ Brickshelf galleries, there’s a sister folder for this model titled “WIP” (work in progress). There are some detail shots of the inner workings of this model.

Things That I Like:

The functionality. It appears to be entirely motorized and controlled by PF (power functions). That should make it fun to play with, er… use :-)

The color. That’s a lot of yellow Technic right there. I like it!

Scale. There’s just something right about the Technic figure scale. And I like that there are a few Technic figs thrown in.

I’ve always been a fan of Manitowoc crawler based cranes (and draglines). I think they are simple, basic designs that translate well into a model. I like the choice of of the 4600 dragline to model.

The boom looks a bit rough, but I really like how it’s all mostly yellow. The constant color throughout its design really makes it look nice.

The turntable is pretty good! It’s a fairly compact design that uses rollers. It looks like it would function quite well.

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  1. Jan
    Tobbe Arnesson

    You can see it operate here.

    One thing makes this MOC stand out pretty far from other cranes. He mimicked the real thing in one important regard: One power plant. That is, one pack of 6 PF-motors that powers all functions. The rest of the motors is “only” there to change outputs.

    Apparently it was to easy to “just” make a crane that looks and behaves like the real thing. :-O

    Love the use of tires for the seat.

  2. Jan

    Nice! Thanks for the link to the video.

  3. Jan

    Hi and thanks for describing my model.
    There will be other :)


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