What are the best battery or solar-powered gadgets for camping in remote UK areas?

11 June 2024

In today's world where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, it's hard to imagine camping without some modern gadgets. Whether you're off for the weekend to one of the remote corners of the UK or planning an extended trek into the wilderness, having the right equipment can make a world of difference. When traditional electrical power sources are not available, the best solution is to opt for battery or solar-powered devices.

Staying powered up while being one with nature might seem contradictory, but not when you have the best portable solar panels and battery-powered devices. These gadgets are not only environmentally friendly but can also be a lifesaver in a situation where the nearest power source is miles away.

1. Solar Power Banks

A solar power bank is an essential gadget to keep your devices charged while camping. These are portable devices that store solar energy in a battery to power or charge your devices when you need it.

These solar devices are often compact, making them easy to carry around. Besides, power banks with solar charging capabilities are perfect for camping due to their capacity to recharge using natural sunlight.

Most solar power banks have USB ports that allow you to charge your smartphones, tablets, or other USB-enabled devices. Some even come with multiple ports, enabling you to charge several devices simultaneously.

While choosing a solar power bank, pay attention to its mAh (milliampere-hour) capacity, which measures the energy capacity of the battery. A higher mAh means that the power bank can store more energy and thus can charge your devices more times.

2. Portable Solar Panels

For those lengthy camping trips, portable solar panels are an excellent choice. They're larger than power banks but offer much more power output. Portable solar panels are an excellent solution for charging larger devices like laptops, or for powering several smaller devices at once.

When selecting a solar panel, consider its size, weight and its power output measured in watts. Larger panels will generally have a higher output but will also be bulkier and heavier. Seek a balance between power output and portability according to your needs.

More advanced solar panels often come with a built-in battery, allowing you to store power for later use. These models will also typically have multiple output options, including USB and 12V DC, making them compatible with a wide variety of devices.

3. Solar-powered Chargers

Solar-powered chargers are devices that convert sunlight into electricity to charge your gadgets. Unlike solar panels, these are smaller, very portable, and come with built-in USB ports for charging mobile devices.

Most solar chargers have a foldable design that makes them compact and easy to carry. Their power output is generally lower than that of solar panels, but they're still capable of charging most mobile devices.

They're also often rugged and waterproof, making them ideal for camping. Some models come with a built-in power bank, providing a source of power even when the sun is not shining.

4. Battery-powered USB Gadgets

Battery-powered USB devices are a popular choice for campers due to their portable designs and easy charging methods. These devices can range from lights and speakers to fans and even mini-fridges.

Battery capacity and power output are crucial factors to consider when choosing these devices. Ensure that the device's battery capacity is sufficient to meet your power needs, and that it has a power output compatible with your other devices.

Most of these gadgets come with USB ports for charging, making them compatible with power banks, solar panels, and solar chargers.

5. Portable Power Stations

For those who require a great deal of power, a portable power station is the answer. These are larger devices that pack a considerable battery capacity and can power multiple devices at once.

Portable power stations usually come with a range of output options like AC, DC, and USB ports, making them compatible with almost any device you might bring on your camping trip.

While they're larger and heavier than power banks or solar chargers, they compensate with a much higher capacity and power output. Many models also offer the option of solar charging, allowing you to keep them powered up during prolonged camping trips.

In the age of connected devices, staying powered up while camping has become a necessity. Fortunately, various solar and battery-powered gadgets are at your disposal to keep your devices charged and your camping experience comfortable and enjoyable.

6. Solar-Powered Lighting

A vital component to consider for a camping trip is a source of light. Solar-powered lighting provides a convenient and sustainable solution. These energy-efficient lights use solar power stored during the day to provide illumination at night.

Solar-powered lights come in various shapes and sizes, from lanterns and torches to string lights and headlamps. Some models offer adjustable brightness settings, and others come with motion sensors for additional security.

Solar camping lights are typically designed for outdoor use, which means they are waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to carry or hang in your camping area.

One crucial factor to consider when choosing solar lights is the duration of their light output, also known as run time. The run time can vary greatly between models, so it's essential to choose a light that can last throughout the night.

7. Solar Powered Water Heaters

If you love the idea of a warm shower or hot drink while camping, a solar-powered water heater might be a great addition to your camping gear. These gadgets use solar energy to heat water, making them both eco-friendly and convenient.

Solar water heaters come in various types from compact and lightweight models to larger, more elaborate setups. Some smaller models are designed to be portable and easy to use. You simply fill the bag with water, leave it in the sun to heat up, and then use the attached hose to dispense the hot water.

Larger models may include a solar collector that absorbs sunlight and transfers the heat to the water. These systems may require more setup but can provide a larger quantity of hot water.

When choosing a solar water heater, consider the overall size, weight, and the amount of hot water it can generate. Also, remember to check the heating time, as some models may require several hours of sunlight to adequately heat the water.


In conclusion, a wide array of solar and battery-powered gadgets can make your camping trip in remote UK areas more convenient and enjoyable. From solar panels and power banks for keeping your devices charged, to solar-powered lights and water heaters for comfort, the options are abundant.

When choosing your gadgets, always consider factors such as the device's size, weight, power output, and battery capacity. It's always beneficial to find a balance between portability and power output that fits your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, while these gadgets offer numerous conveniences, the key to a successful camping trip lies in careful planning and preparation. Always check the condition and functionality of your gadgets before you set off on your adventure and ensure you have adequate backup options.

With the right tools and preparation, you can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the UK's remote areas while remaining connected and comfortable. Happy camping!

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