How to choose the perfect camping spot in the Yorkshire Dales?

11 June 2024

You're ready for your next adventure, and the wild, stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales are calling your name. Renowned for its rolling hills, rugged moorland, and enchanting valleys, the Yorkshire Dales is a national park nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure for camping enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a family seeking a memorable outdoor experience, the park offers a myriad of campsites and glamping units, each unique in its own way. This article will guide you in choosing the perfect camping spot in the Yorkshire Dales, considering factors like the site, night experience, potable water access, and the best views.

Choosing the Right Campsite

When planning your camping trip, the first step lies in selecting the right campsite. Each campsite in the Yorkshire Dales has its own unique charm and offers differing facilities and experiences. Some of them are wild, while others are located on farms or have specific family units. Your choice will significantly influence your camping experience.

Consider the type of camping experience you're looking for. Are you looking for a traditional camping experience, or would you rather try glamping in luxurious pods? For a more traditional experience, there are numerous campsites scattered all over the park. These usually provide basic facilities such as toilets and potable water. For those of you seeking a little more comfort and luxury, many sites offer glamping pods, which often come with additional amenities like heating, bedding, and sometimes even a private bathroom.

Access to Facilities and Amenities

Facilities and amenities are crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect campsite. After all, these can significantly impact your overall camping experience. Essential facilities include toilets, showers, and a source of potable water. Some campsites also offer laundry facilities, a shop, and a play area for children.

Access to potable water is vital. Make sure to choose a campsite that provides clean, drinkable water. While the Yorkshire Dales is known for its clean, fresh water, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Check with the campsite's management beforehand to ensure that you have access to potable water throughout your stay.

Enjoying the Best Views

One of the main attractions of camping in the Yorkshire Dales is the breathtaking views it offers. From the stunning landscapes of the valleys to the majestic sight of the stars at night, there's something for everyone.

Many campsites offer fantastic views right from your tent or pod. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun rising over a beautiful valley, or watching the sky light up with stars at night. If enjoying such views is high on your list, make sure to choose a campsite that offers this.

Embracing the Night Experience

Camping is not just about the day experience - the night holds its own charm. The absence of light pollution in the Yorkshire Dales makes the night sky come alive with countless stars, creating a truly magical experience. Some campsites even offer special night programs, such as star-gazing sessions or guided night walks.

Moreover, you might want to consider campsites that allow campfires. There's something incredibly soothing about sitting around a campfire, sharing stories, and roasting marshmallows under the starlit sky. However, keep in mind that not all campsites allow fires, so it's best to check in advance.

Considering a Family-Friendly Campsite

If you're planning a family camping trip, you'll want to find a family-friendly campsite. Thankfully, the Yorkshire Dales boasts several campsites that cater specifically to families. These campsites often offer additional amenities like playgrounds, family-friendly trails, and organized activities, ensuring your little ones are entertained throughout your stay.

Before making your final decision, take the time to research about the campsites that have caught your eye. Look at reviews from other campers and get a sense of the overall experience at each site. Remember, the perfect camping spot is subjective and depends largely on your personal preferences and requirements.

Exploring Wild Camping and Nearby Attractions in Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales National Park offers an array of camping experiences for the adventurous souls craving for an immersive outdoor experience. The park allows wild camping, a unique style of camping that allows you to pitch your tent in areas more remote and off the beaten path. While not all areas of the park allow wild camping, there are several spots where you can set up camp, provided you follow the park's rules and regulations. Always remember to leave no trace, pack out your trash every night, and ensure you are not disrupting the local wildlife or other campers.

The Yorkshire Dales is also renowned for its proximity to several other captivating attractions. For those interested in exploring beyond the park's boundaries, the Lake District, just a short drive away, provides an additional layer of natural beauty and outdoor activities. This factor is worth considering when deciding on your camping spot.

Moreover, the Yorkshire Dales National Park boasts several extraordinary hiking trails. Whether you prefer gentle strolls or challenging hikes, you will find a variety of routes that cater to all fitness levels. Many of these trails are easily accessible from the various campsites, adding an extra layer of convenience to your camping experience.

Choosing a Pet-Friendly Campsite

For many of us, our pets are considered part of the family, and camping trips are no exception. Thankfully, many campsites in the Yorkshire Dales are pet-friendly, allowing our furry friends to join in on the fun. When choosing a campsite, it is essential to consider whether they accommodate pets.

Some sites even provide special amenities for pets, such as designated areas for pets to play and roam freely, and pet waste stations. Always remember to check the campsite's pet policy beforehand, as some campsites may require pets to be on a leash at all times, or may have certain restrictions on where pets can go.

Finally, make sure the camping spot you choose has easy access to potable water for your pet. Pets need to stay hydrated, especially during the warm summer months. While the Yorkshire Dales is known for its clean, fresh water, it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Choosing the perfect camping spot in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, is a thrilling yet daunting task. The diverse array of campsites, from wild camping spots to glamping units and family-friendly sites, means there's something for everyone. Whether you seek the ruggedness and seclusion of wild camping, the comfort and convenience of glamping units, or the fun and excitement of a family-oriented campsite, the Yorkshire Dales has it all.

Pay attention to the campsite's facilities and amenities, particularly access to potable water, toilets, showers, and campfires at night. And don't forget to consider the views, night experience, and nearby attractions, which can greatly enhance your camping experience.

Remember, the perfect camping spot is not just about the location but also about the experience it offers. So, go forth and find your perfect camping spot in the stunning landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales!

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