Which music festivals in the UK offer on-site camping facilities?

11 June 2024

As festivals become a popular vacation choice for many, the question arises: which music festivals in the UK offer on-site camping facilities? After all, festivals are not just about the music, they are about the experience. The thrill of pitching your tent, mingling with like-minded enthusiasts, and enjoying a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And let's not forget, camping adds an extra layer of adventure to the whole experience. So without further ado, let's delve into some of the UK's top music festivals that offer on-site camping facilities.

Glastonbury Festival

The Glastonbury Festival, often referred to simply as Glasto, is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. It's also known for its extensive on-site camping facilities.

Located in the beautiful Somerset countryside, Glastonbury offers a variety of camping options for festival-goers. There are designated zones for families, campervans and caravans, as well as quiet spots for those who prefer a more peaceful experience. The festival also provides pre-erected tents and tipis for those who prefer not to bring their own gear.

Security, toilet and shower facilities are available throughout the site, and there's even a property lock-up where you can store your valuables. With plenty of food and drink stalls on offer, as well as a vibrant night-time scene, Glastonbury truly is a camper's paradise.

Download Festival

The Download Festival, held annually at Donington Park in Leicestershire, is a haven for rock music fans. Alongside its top-tier line-up, Download also provides an impressive range of camping options.

The festival offers a variety of campsite options depending on your preferences. The quiet campsite is perfect for those who need their sleep, while the eco-campsite is a great option for environmentally conscious campers. For those looking for a bit of luxury, there’s the RIP Campsite, which offers a more comfortable experience with amenities like proper toilets, warm showers, and a dedicated customer service team.

Food vendors, bars, and a minimarket are available on-site, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The festival also provides a shuttle bus service from the campsites to the arena, making it easy to get around.

Creamfields Festival

Creamfields is a major dance music festival held annually on the August Bank Holiday weekend in Daresbury, Cheshire. Renowned for its impressive line-up of the world's best DJs, Creamfields also boasts a comprehensive on-site camping experience.

Creamfields offers standard, quiet, and eco-friendly campsite options. If you're looking for something more luxurious, the Dreamfields luxury camping area provides pre-pitched accommodations including bell tents, podpads, and yurts, with exclusive amenities like proper toilets, hot showers, and a pamper parlour.

On-site facilities include a variety of food stalls, bars, lockers, a supermarket and even a hair salon. There's also 24-hour security and medical support, ensuring a safe and enjoyable festival experience for all.

Green Man Festival

The Green Man Festival, held in the stunning Brecon Beacons in Wales, is an independent music and arts festival known for its intimate, friendly atmosphere.

The festival's campsites are divided into general, family, and live-in vehicle areas. For those seeking a little more comfort, there's also a selection of boutique camping options, including beautiful bell tents and luxurious airstream caravans.

Facilities available on-site include food vendors, bars, showers, toilets, baby changing facilities, and a campsite shop. The festival also prides itself on its sustainability initiatives, with a dedicated Green Team on hand to help keep the festival clean and green.

Latitude Festival

The Latitude Festival, held in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, offers an eclectic mix of music, arts, and culture. It also provides an impressive array of on-site camping options.

Latitude provides a variety of campsites, including family and quiet areas, as well as glamping options for those who prefer a little luxury. There's also a campervan area for those who like to bring their home with them.

On-site facilities include food and drink vendors, toilets and showers, and a well-stocked campsite shop. There's also a shuttle service, making it easy to explore the festival's many attractions.

The festivals highlighted above offer more than just great music; they also provide a unique camping experience. Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, these festivals have something to offer everyone. So go ahead, grab your tent and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of a UK music festival with on-site camping.

Boomtown Fair

The Boomtown Fair, held annually in the Matterley Bowl in Hampshire, is renowned for its immersive and theatrical experience. As well as an eclectic mix of music genres, Boomtown Fair provides a remarkable on-site camping experience.

Boomtown's camping options are wide-ranging, catering to diverse preferences. There's the general camping for the party enthusiasts, the family camping for those with children, and the quiet camping for those who prefer a more tranquil environment. For those wanting more comfort and convenience, pre-pitched tents, tipis and boutique camping options are also available.

Facilities on-site include food stalls offering a variety of cuisines, bars, showers, toilets, free water points, and a marketplace for essentials. There's also a dedicated Welfare Tent with a 24-hour medical team, ensuring everyone's safety and well-being. Boomtown Fair offers a comprehensive camping experience, making it an unmissable event in the UK festival calendar.

Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling, set in the idyllic Lowther Deer Park in the Lake District, is famed for its diverse line-up and beautiful surroundings. But it's not just about the music and scenery, Kendal Calling also provides an impressive variety of on-site camping options.

There are many choices for campers, from the general and family campsites to the quiet and accessible campsites. For those who prefer a more luxurious festival experience, there's a selection of boutique camping options, including pre-pitched tents, bell tents, and even emperor tents with real beds and electricity.

On-site facilities include a selection of food stalls, bars, showers, toilets, and a convenience store for any last-minute essentials. Kid's activities, arts and crafts, and a cinema are also available, making Kendal Calling an ideal festival for families.


Music festivals with on-site camping facilities in the UK are a fantastic opportunity to combine the love for music with the adventure of camping. From the legendary Glastonbury Festival to the immersive experience of Boomtown Fair, these festivals offer a variety of options to suit every camper's needs.

Remember, camping at a music festival is not just about seeing your favourite bands and artists live. It's also about the experience of being part of a community, making new friends, and creating lasting memories. So, whether you're a fan of rock, dance, indie or a mix of music genres, there's a festival out there that offers the perfect camping experience for you.

So why wait? Get your festival tickets, pack your camping gear and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the UK's beautiful countryside. And remember, it's not just the destination that counts; it's also the journey. Happy camping!

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